Two years ago, I published A Misc. Eden. In celebration, its free on Amazon. If the synopsis sounds interesting, please check it out. https://www.amazon.com/Misc-Eden-Mar-Neal-ebook/dp/B011NK1NFQ/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8


On his birthday, Adam has his party, gifts, cake, and he is surrounded by his loved ones. Although, he experiences the normality of celebrating his special day, he never has complacency since it is his very first memory. This leads him to believe his mother is a Goddess who created him. After a life-changing event, Adam not only must come to terms with what happened but also with what his mother really is or isn’t. For him, the lines separating reality and fantasy, what’s real and what’s fake, the logical and illogical have been blurred. With his friends, Shaina, a temperamental actress, the zombie fearing Noel, and Roselle, a girl who believes she is a superhero named The Bird, Adam pursues happiness. Along the way, he finds himself in peculiar situations where he ends up solving mysteries, hunting ghosts, and meeting Jesus.


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